Please read the Guidelines for Temporary Food Facilities before submitting an application. The Temporary Event fee is non-refundable.

Temporary Event Fees

1-3 day event


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4-7 day event


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8-14 day event

14 day event for tax-exempt organization

Late Fee
Tax Exempt Late Fee

The application and payment must be received in our office at least five working days prior to the event.
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Acceptable Methods of Payment

  • American Express*
  • Discover*
  • MasterCard*
  • VISA*
  • Personal or Business Check
  • Money Order
  • Cash (only when paying in person - never send cash in the postal mail)
*The credit card vendor charges a 2.25% convenience fee, $2.00 minimum
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Submit the application and fee using one of the following options

Failure to pay the appropriate fee for your temporary event may result in denial of your application.